A Typical Quarter and Late Work

17 Aug

Dear students,

A typical quarter will include the following types of assignments:

1.  Graded Group Work Every Monday (5 Points unless otherwise noted)

2.  Objective Questions with a Written Component (Otherwise known as tests, quests and quizzes).

3.  Graded Discussions

4.  1 Group Presentation

5.  Typed Essays Responding to Prompts

6. Something Creative (Wordles etc.)

7.  A 30 point quarter participation grade

Late work will be handled as follows.  I will have a bin for late work at the front of the class.  Any late work should be turned in to that bin with an explanation for the lateness.  If the explanation is accepted, no penalty will be assessed (i.e. a family emergency etc.).  Otherwise, assignments lose 5% of the maximum value per day that the assignment is late.  Therefore, if an assignment would have gotten a 96%, but was turned in 3 days late it would drop to a 81%.




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