Church History Course Overview 2011-12

17 Aug

Mr. Martin’s Church History Course


Contact Information


Email –

Blog –  – Directions and Due Dates will be Posted Here – Search “NDADanMartin” for vocabulary related to our course and objective quiz, quest and test questions



My hope is that through engaging the course materials students can come to a greater appreciation of the narrative of Church History.  I also hope students can come to see how their lives are impacted by and part of that larger narrative.  Finally, I hope students can understand how the Church demonstrates creative fidelity to the original gospel message when responding to the issues of a given historical context.


A Typical Week


q       Reading Along with the Topic at Hand is Outside Homework



Monday – Cooperative Learning in Small Groups to Break Open Course Materials Followed by Sharing and Integrating Small Group Knowledge to the Whole Class

q       This will be a Weekly 5 Point Grade that Can Help or Hinder a Quarter Grade


Tuesday or Thursday – Continued Study, Discussion and Review of Course Materials


Wednesday – Enriching Course Materials w/ Technology or Other Media

q       For example – Power Point Presentations,  Primary Sources, Photographic Explorations, Liturgical Music, Etc.


Friday – Assessments – Quizzes, Quests, Tests, In-Class Writing, Graded Socratic Discussions, and Presentations


Grading Structure


Quarter Grades Are Determined by Total Points




We will follow the policies of the NDA Handbook.  Discussion is a part of a successful class, and we must foster an environment of mutual respect so that we can learn from one another.  Any concerns about discipline should be discussed before or after school and not during class.


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