Morality handout 8-30-2011

30 Aug

Virtue and Cultivating a Sacramental Worldview


I.               How to find a virtue (Aristotle)



II.             How to learn virtue


a.     Practices


b.     Community


c.     Biographies



III.           Cardinal, Natural or Pagan Virtues


a.     Prudence

b.     Justice

c.     Temperance

d.     Fortitude



IV.           Theological Virtues


a.     Faith

b.     Hope

c.     Love


V.             Sacramentalism – The ordinary conveys the extraordinary


a.     Versus Iconoclasm – God as Utterly Distant – Tension


b.     God-World Relationship

i.     Neo-Platonism

ii.     Substances

iii.     Events/Theodramatic


c.     Learning How to See


d.     A World of Grace


e.     God as Foundation and Horizon for Our Existence



VI.           The Eucharist


a.     Basic Human Experience



b.     Source and Summit of Our Lives (CCC 1324)




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