Church History Presentation Handout

3 Oct

Mr. Martin’s Church HistoryCourse


Heresies Project – 50 Points


The goal here is to give a sense of how the Roman Catholic Church has addressed heresies in the early Church.  As our course moves forward, hopefully a sense of continuity will be apparent.


Topics –


Already Assigned


Your Discussion Groups Will Present on these Topics.



50 Points


Content of the Presentation – 20 Points

Presentations should be 5 minutes in length and offer solid information to those in the audience.


Visual Aid – 15 Points


The visual aid can take many forms, but remember that projection capabilities are not great in our room.  Experience tells me that posters work well.


Clarity of the Presentation – 10 Points


The presentation should be rehearsed ahead of time.


Bibliography – 5 Points


4 sources in MLA format – one sheet per group



****** 10 Points will also be afforded a separate grade based on your attentiveness and inquisitiveness when other groups are presenting.  *******


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