Morality Handout 10-4-2011

3 Oct

Some Rules for the Humanities

  1. Always Historicize
  2. Always Particularize
  3. Always Pluralize

Surveying the Contemporary Moral Site in the US

  1. Utilitarianism

Critiques –

  1. Kantian Ethics/Categorical Imperative –
    1. Noumenal
    2. Phenomenal

Critiques –

  1. Moral Egoism/Hedonism

Critiques –

  1. John Stuart Mill’s Harm Principle

Critiques –

  1. Evangelical Ethics

Critiques –

Catholic Sources and the Formation of the Conscience

CCC 1784 The education of the conscience is a lifelong task.

  1. Virtue Ethics
  1. Natural Law
  1. Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition

Not a Formula –


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