Morality Presentation Handout

3 Oct

Mr. Martin’s Morality Course


Catholicism and Social Issues Project – 50 Points


The goal here is to give a sense of how the Roman Catholic Church has addressed social issues in the post-industrial period of time.  By the end, hopefully a sense of continuity will be apparent.

Topics –

1. Archbishop Kettler and the Fribourg Union

2. Pope Leo XIII and Rerum Novarum

3. The Saint Vincent de Paul Society

4. Pope Paul VI and Populorum Progressio

5. The Christian Appalachian Project

6. John Paul II and Centesimus Annus

Your Discussion Groups Will Present on these Topics.

50 Points

Content of the Presentation – 20 Points

Presentations should be 5 minutes in length and offer solid information to those in the audience.

Visual Aid – 15 Points

The visual aid can take many forms, but remember that projection capabilities are not great in our room.  Experience tells me that posters work well.

Clarity of the Presentation – 10 Points

The presentation should be rehearsed ahead of time.

Bibliography – 5 Points

4 sources in MLA format – one sheet per group

****** 10 Points will also be afforded a separate grade based on your attentiveness and inquisitiveness when other groups are presenting.  *******


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