Morality 2nd Quarter Essay #1 Instructions

2 Nov


Mr. Martin’s Morality Classes

50 Point 1 Page Essay

(if your work will spill onto a second page either cut the spacing from double to 1.5 or cut your font size)

2nd Quarter Essay #1


Content – 20 Points

Style – 20 Points

Grammar – 10 Points


Due:  November 16, 2011

Turn in a Written Copy and Email Me a Copy For Insurance Purposes – Emailing Alone Will Receive a Deduction




1.  Select a Saint and research his or her life.  Introduce your saint and explain what virtues can be learned from this saint.  Also, describe any personality flaws that this figure had to overcome.


2.  Prayer is related to the acquisition of virtue.  Select a prayer practice and give a brief summary of its origins and intended outcomes.  Also, engage in this prayer practice (the rosary, the stations of the cross, etc.) for one week and describe what if any lessons you personally learn.


3.  Read Luke 6: 17-49 and Matthew 5-7.  Compare and contrast the moral teachings found within these two biblical texts.


4.  Apply the theory of double effect to two distinct but related situations.  Explain why the theory of double effect might allow for a negative consequence to an action in one of the situations but not the other.




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