Morality Review Sheet

3 Nov

Morality Unit Review Sheet




  1. Autonomous Morality p. 73
  2. Conscience
  3. Doubtful Conscience
  4. Invincible Ignorance
  5. Lax Conscience
  6. Moral Rectitude
  7. Scrupulous Conscience
  8. Vincible Ignorance
  9. Civil Law p. 89
  10. Ecclesiastical Law
  11. Eternal Law
  12. Immutability
  13. Law (Just Law)
  14. Laws of Nature
  15. Natural Law
  16. Universality
  17. Unjust Law
  18. Acts of Humans p. 108
  19. Consequentialism
  20. Circumstances
  21. Fundamental Option
  22. Human Acts
  23. Proportionalism
  24. Rationalism
  25. Situation Ethics




  1. Conscience p. 63
  2. Means of the Formation of Conscience p. 65
  3. Degradation of Conscience p. 71
  4. Conflicts between conscience and law p. 87
  5. Legal Positivism p. 93
  6. Components of a Moral Action – Object, Intention, Circumstances p. 99
  7. The Fundamental Option p. 111




Short Answer Topics


  1. How does the formation and degradation of a conscience relate to the notions of virtue and vice as we have studied them?
  2. What tension exists between the use of the Fundamental Option by some contemporary theologians and the idea of a mortal sin?
  3. How does legal positivism differ from the ideas of natural and divine law?
  4. How does conscience relate to law?  What is required in the face of an unjust law?  How are laws supposed to related to the common good?




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