Church History 1st Semester Short Answers

12 Dec

Church History Semester Short Answers – 50 Points


Select 2 out of 4 Topics and Type roughly 1/2 to 1 page per response


Rubric 50% Content 30 % Style and Persuasiveness 20% Grammar


Due the Day of Your Midterm Exam – You hand in your paper and Mr. Martin gives you a Midterm


  1. Briefly explain how the period of martyrdom in the Early Church is both similar to and different from the development of coenobitic monasticism.


  1. Explore how at least two aspects of Greek thought and culture impacted Christian life in the Early Church.


  1. How did Monasticism fill a void in Western Europe after the Roman Empire fell?


  1. What role did Charlemagne play in reinvigorating the Church?  How did he influence both parish life and the liturgy?  Evaluate.

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