Living Water project instructions

4 Jan

Living Water

“Whoever believes in me, as scripture says:

‘Rivers of living water will flow from within him.’”

John 7: 38, NAB

Chapter 9 Group Project – 60 Points/10 Points


Produce a Powerpoint or Prezi Presentation with 5 Content Slides as well as 1 Slide with your group names and works cited


Slide 1 – Detail a Major Threat to the World’s Water Supplies

Group 1 – Agricultural Runoff

Group 2 – Ground Water Contamination

Group 3 – Scarcity of Fresh Water

Group 4 – Dead Zones in the Coastal Waters

Group 5 – Water Born Diseases

Group 6 – Pick any of the above


Slide 2 – Scriptural Reference to Water


Slide 3 – Theme of Catholic Social Teaching – Where is it explained? What does it mean?


Slide 4 – Apply this Theme from Slide 3 to the Problem from Slide 2


Slide 5 – Practical Step to Address the Problem Keeping in Mind the Social Teaching Theme


Each slide is worth 10 points.  An excellent slide will have proper grammar, will have accurate and pertinent information and will have inviting graphics.


10 more points will be factored in for the flow and professionalism of the presentation.


Finally, 10 points will be assessed for how attentive each student is as an audience during other group presentations.


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