Class Overviews for January 30, 2012

30 Jan


I.  Prayer

II.  5 Minutes to Study

III.  Vocabulary Quiz – Chapter 9 – 20 Points

IV. General Knowledge – A and B in Terms of C – It is possible to compare unlike things if one finds a third category for comparison.

V.  SND’s and Their Impacts – Brain storm

Church History

I.  Prayer

II.  Robert Barron’s Catholicism – Watch and Discuss – Are we more visual than text bound?  If so, how does that impact the Church and us?

III.  Review for Wednesday’s Quiz

IV.  A Look Ahead – Avignon, Schism and Nominlism

V.  Splits in Christianity

VI.  Catholic Schools Week – Thomas Nast – Catholics have come a long way within US Society.  –


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