Church History and Morality Questions

31 Jan

Church History

1.  Explain the three characteristics of a Catholic artist (1 paragraph).

2.  Name at least 4 ways that the Pieta speaks to people.

3.  What new technique did Abbot Suger use?

4.  Explain what a “porta coeli” is.  (Do not simply translate)

5.  How was Suger’s work a theology of the incarnation?


1.  List 5 reasons for and 5 reasons against reintorducing gray wolves.

2.  How does the theme of stewardship of creation relate to this issue. (1 paragraph)

3.  How could one use the idea of solidarity against the idea of reintroducing the wolves? (1 paragraph)

4.  What is your view?  Explain.


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