Class Overviews for 2-6-2012

6 Feb


1.  Prayer

2.  Pink Washing – Discuss the Susan G. Komen events of the previous week

A.  Similar to Abuses Associated with Indulgences?

B.  Critical Thinking – What can and should be done?

3.  Idolatry Continued w/ Chapter 10

A.  How Idolatry Works

B.  Vocabulary Quiz Thursday

C.  Activity

4.  Introduce Oaths- Chapter 11 (Not Bankruptcy)

A.  Brain Storm Key Oaths in Society

Church History

1.  Prayer

2.  Return Quizzes

3.  Chapter 11 – Preview: Avignon, Schism, Plague, and Nominalism

Notes – on the board

Many Factors Weaken the Church

4.  What Lies Ahead?

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