Class Overviews 2-14-2012

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day

Church History

Writing prompt due tomorrow: The Black Plague killed nearly one third of the population of Europe.  In your own city, how would life change if one third of its citizens, from every section of society, disappeared tomorrow?

Answer in one paragraph.

  1. Prayer
  2. Review Basic Catholic Terms
  3. Recap Avignon, Papal Schism, Conciliarism, the Plague, William of Ockham and Nominalism
  4. Critical Thinking – Results of #3
  5. Jan Hus – p. 416
  6. John Wycliffe – p. 415
  7. Review Terms p. 418


  1. Prayer
  2. Review 3 Minutes
  3. Quiz over Chapter 10 Vocabulary
  4. Discuss Flannery O’Connor
  5. Look at the Week Ahead
  6. Oaths

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