Class Overviews 2-17-2012

17 Feb

Church History

  1. Prayer
  2. ACRE Test
  3. Or see Wednesday’s Part 2 Notes


  1. Prayer
  2. Theology of the Body Part 1


    1. Mechanistic Models for Life


    1. Dualism
      1. Plato – Forms and Matter
      2. Descartes – Cogito Ergo Sum


    1. Debased Gender Relations & Generational Relations


    1. Sources of Most Sin – Seeking Pleasure for its own sake – Grasping at Possessions/Money – Refusal to Subordinate Pride


    1. Human existence in bodily existence


    1. 2 Manners of Being Human – Beyond Biological Differences
      1. Major Fears for Men and Women


    1. Assent of Love from Called to Love – Read from D first to A last – Each level contains the previous levels but goes beyond those levels as well
      1. Betrothed Love
      2. Affirming the Person as good in and of himself
      3. Empathy
      4. Sensuality


    1. Marriage Should Be a Healed Human Relation
      1. Revisiting Genesis 2 & 3
      2. Power of Naming


    1. Christ from Cana to the Cross Follows a Similar Assent – Water to Wine to Blood


    1. Oxytocin – the bonding hormone


    1. Romans 8: 18-25 – All of Creation is Longing for Redemption


    1. Eschatological View – Historical and Bodily Consciousness



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