Class Overviews 2-21-2012

21 Feb

Church History

  1. Prayer
  2. Recap – Threats to the Medieval Synthesis
  3. Take Home Test Distributed Wednesday Due Monday 2-27-2012
  4. Friday Vocabulary Quiz Chapter 11
  5. Vernacular Literature Concluded – Chaucer and Dante
  6. Group Exercise –
  • Why are England and France not aligned?
  • Why are Scotland and England not aligned?
  • Why is Naples not aligned with their fellow Italian speakers?
  • Why is southern Spain under Islamic Control?
  • Why are Spain and Portugal not aligned?
  • What do you conclude from this?
  • Looking ahead to the Reformation – Religious, Economic or Political????


  1. Prayer
  2. Handout on Marriage
  3. Continue with Theology of the Body from Friday

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