Class Overviews 2-24-2012

24 Feb


  1. Prayer
  2. Reminder about marriage interviews due Monday
  3. Recap Genesis 1 and Genesis 2:4 – Genesis 3 – Order of Creation, Landscape, Purpose, Message – &
  4. Jahlil Gibran – Marriage Excerpt Discuss
  5. Chapter 15

Church History

  1. Prayer
  2. Chapter 11 Vocabulary Quiz
  3. Reminder that the Chapter 11 take home test is due Monday
  4. Renaissance Themes – Review
  5. Structure of Dante’s Divine Comedy – Virgil is his guide in The Inferno much like the classical period of Greeks and Romans guide the Renaissance, Hell is 9 levels and descends in the shape of a Greek amphitheater, Purgatory is shaped like a mountain (inverse of hell), and Heaven has seven levels ending in an all encompassing light and brief vision of the Trinity and the reflection of God in humanity
  6. Erasmus Excerpt – Read and Discuss –

Erasmus of Rotterdam


  1. Middle path between Lutheranism and Scholasticism – Philosofia Christi
  2. Primary sources from scripture (Greek manuscripts rather than the vulgate) and patristic sources
  3. Praise of Folly – most famous book, and it criticizes scholasticism

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