Regarding Kony 2012

18 Mar

Regarding Kony 2012, I think the video is a great case study in how videos and movements can go viral in our era. I also think it is a good case study in caution. The more research I have done the more I have seen that Invisible Children has links to the Ugandan Military (not the best track record of protecting people). Also, it is a stealth Evangelical group that likely views Catholics with suspicion. Finally, the filmmaker’s recent public breakdown betrays a sort of instability that I am guessing has its root some form of narcissism. For me, the most uncomfortable part of his video was his use of his son. As a parent, it seemed self-serving, perhaps manipulative and definitely not something in which I would involve a child of that age.

I do think the idea of getting involved should be something you are fired up about in life. Contacting leaders of government and industry as well as taking direct action regarding issues that are important to you is always advisable. I will say the notion of caution on this was present from the outset in the faculty lounge. We did research and the findings are mixed at best about Invisible Children. We do however have a direct link to Uganda in the form of our sister school and the personal failings of one celebrity activist should not deter any good will and solidarity we feel toward the people of Uganda. We can just do it in a more reliable manner. Those are my $.02. – DM


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