Class Overviews for 3-23-2012

23 Mar


  • Prayer
  • Lenten Reflection
  • Quiz Monday – Vocabulary Review
  • Kenosis Exercise
  • Theology of the Body Video 3 – Discuss

Church History

Church History

  • Prayer
  • Lenten Reflection
  • Reformation Trajectories
  1. Review Luther’s 3 Alones
  2. Review Calvinism’s TULIP – See Wednesday’s Overview
  3. Church of England/Anglicanism – Henry VIII Defender of the Faith to Reformation Figure – 39 Articles – Catholicism Outlawed in England for over 200 Years – AntiCatholicism in the US Example 1 and Example 2 – Excerpt from John McGreevy’s book Catholicism and American Freedom
  4. Radical Reformation/Anabaptists – Free Church movements, Peace Churches, Luther on Peasants, Stanley Hauerwas of Duke University is an example of a contemporary theologian who is influenced by Anabaptist thought
  • CRITICAL THINKING For each trajectory of the Reformation, consider the following question: Where do politics and economics leave off and theological divisions begin? Discuss

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