4th Quarter Church History Paper Rubric

5 Apr

Church History 4th Quarter Rubric

Rubric 175 Points – 125 Points for the Paper, 10 Points for the Topic, 20 Points for Sources, 20 Points for the Outline

  • Paper Breakdown
    • 75 Points Content
    • 25 Points Grammar
    • 25 Points Style and Flow – For instance, you should not use contractions or end sentences with prepositions.
    • An excellent paper will include everything found in a “B” paper and involve critical thinking that goes beyond the sources used
    • A “B” paper will have excellent grammar and make topical uses of appropriate sources
    • Lesser papers will be plagued by grammatical problems and/or a lack of focus on the selected topic
    • Late work loses 10% of the maximum value per day that it is late.

Length – 4-5 Pages Double Spaced 12 Point Times New Roman plus a works cited page PLEASE DO NOT USE A COVER PAGE

Sources – 3 to 5 Sources


  1. Explore the historical division and efforts at dialogue between Roman Catholicism and a selected branch of Protestantism (i.e. How did the United Methodists come into existence and what is the shape of Catholic-Methodist dialogue?)
  1. Trace the development of Roman Catholicism in a selected region of the United States (i.e. Florida, New England, Maryland, the Ohio Valley, or California).  Who are the key actors in this story of faith?  What key events and institutions that are part of this story?  How does Catholicism in the United States reflect creative fidelity?
  1. Select one “ism” from the nineteenth century (Communism, Secularism, Nationalism or Social Darwinism) and explain how the Catholic Church responded to this challenge.  Explore some of the important figures and events in this interplay.
  1. Compare and contrast the emergence of Rerum Novarum with one twentieth or twenty-first century Catholic social encyclical.  Explain what is similar and what is different in these two documents.
  1. Propose your own topic to me.  So long as it is interesting and appropriate (reformation – present day), I will likely approve it or help you sharpen the focus to something appropriate.

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