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Class Overviews 1-31-2012

31 Jan

Church History

Chapter 9

Chapter 10 –

I.  Prayer

II.  Review 10 minutes

III.  A look ahead Avignon Papacy, Schism and Ockham/Nominalism


I.  Prayer – Psalm

II.  Preferential Option for the Poor – Video

III.  Flannery O’Connor – Video Clip

IV.  Theology of the Cross

        A.  Historical Background

        B.  Starting Point of Alienation

              1.  Jesus in a final (i.e. exhaustive) way reveals a healing of alienation

              2.  Takes on human frailty and death

V.  Discussion as Pertains to Morality

       A.  Social Morals – Eschatology and Theology of the Cross


Church History and Morality Questions

31 Jan

Church History

1.  Explain the three characteristics of a Catholic artist (1 paragraph).

2.  Name at least 4 ways that the Pieta speaks to people.

3.  What new technique did Abbot Suger use?

4.  Explain what a “porta coeli” is.  (Do not simply translate)

5.  How was Suger’s work a theology of the incarnation?


1.  List 5 reasons for and 5 reasons against reintorducing gray wolves.

2.  How does the theme of stewardship of creation relate to this issue. (1 paragraph)

3.  How could one use the idea of solidarity against the idea of reintroducing the wolves? (1 paragraph)

4.  What is your view?  Explain.

Class Overviews for January 30, 2012

30 Jan


I.  Prayer

II.  5 Minutes to Study

III.  Vocabulary Quiz – Chapter 9 – 20 Points

IV. General Knowledge – A and B in Terms of C – It is possible to compare unlike things if one finds a third category for comparison.

V.  SND’s and Their Impacts – Brain storm

Church History

I.  Prayer

II.  Robert Barron’s Catholicism – Watch and Discuss – Are we more visual than text bound?  If so, how does that impact the Church and us?

III.  Review for Wednesday’s Quiz

IV.  A Look Ahead – Avignon, Schism and Nominlism

V.  Splits in Christianity

VI.  Catholic Schools Week – Thomas Nast – Catholics have come a long way within US Society.  –

Class overviews for January 27

27 Jan

NOTICE – Morality Quiz Chapter 9 – Postponed Until Monday


1.  Prayer

2.  Debrief Sr. Rita’s Uganda Presentation – Any surprises? Any thoughts on what NDA could do to be in solidarity with our Uganda sister school?

3.  Ugandan Martyrs excerpt from Lawrence S. Cunningham’s The Catholic Heritage

4.  Gray Wolf Video –

5.  Gray Wolf Case Study

– Stewardship of Creation

– Solidarity

– Points of Tension

Church History

1.  Prayer

2.  Gothic Architecture – Mysticism of Light – Abbot Suger handout

– Answer questions on the board

3.  Role  of Catholic Artists

– Sacramentality



January 25 Class Overviews

25 Jan

Church History 

I.  Prayer

II.  Gothic Architecture Videos

III.  Reading Packet

IV.  Class Wide Discussion


I.  Prayer

II.  Solidarity Examples

III.  Solidarity Group Work

IV.  Class Wide Discussion

Morality Chapter 9 Vocabulary Link

24 Jan

Here is the Link for Friday’s quiz –

October Sky Viewing Guide

9 Jan

Name _______________________

October Sky viewing guide – 30 Points

  1. Give a detailed description of the economic situation of Coalwood, WV.  (10 Points)














  1. How does mentoring function within this film?  Who are the main mentors? (10 Points)














  1. What virtues does Homer possess?  How can those be applied to others? (10 Points)